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Dont we all want to have the opportunity to start over?  Sure we do.  There is nothing like a new and fresh opportunity to change and accomplish new goals.    We can start a brand new year with a clean slate!


Before we go on, I would like to ask some questions.  Please remember that it is my desire, with the Nuggets of Truth, to share Gods Word in order to give inspiration and information that will bring about change and benefit to you.


We must settle some questions before we can wipe the slate clean.


First: Do you know Jesus Christ as Savior?  I am not talking about head knowledge or going to church, but a personal experience that has changed you spiritually so that you know, with certainty, the blessings of this life and the assurance that you will be in Heaven when you die.


Second: If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, why not?  What could possibly be holding you back?  God loves you with an everlasting love and wants to see you saved and set free.  Jesus is the only way to Heaven and victory with peace in this present world. Unfortunately, we fool ourselves if we do not believe this.  The alternative is an eternal pit of tormenting darkness.  God wants no one to go there nor do I. 


Third:  Do you believe in the absolute authority and power of Scripture, Gods Word? If not, the enemy is trying to deceive you. He will distract in any way to keep you from its truth. 


Fourth:  Do you seek to follow Gods Word on a daily basis?   How can you know what to change, find direction, learn to pray and have daily victory if you do not read and believe the Bible?


Fifth:  Have you asked the Holy Spirit of the Living God to fill and empower you so you can receive revelation knowledge of the greatness of God by faith?  You can and you should.  There is no other way to have understanding of spiritual truth.  It is never achieved by head knowledge or self-will.


To those who know Jesus, we have a perfect Heavenly Father whom we can call Abba daddy, in all reverence. (Romans 8:15).  Friend, this is our assurance.  God is a father that will never lie or fail - NEVER!


Lastly:  Do you walk in love, thanksgiving and worship?  It is a powerful practice.


Gods love is deeper and wider that we can possibly imagine. As God our Father, He expects trust, obedience and praise to Him.  Why?  So He can bless us far above anything we could think or imagine.  Wow.  Isnt it worth seeking change?


Here is the key to wiping the slate clean and a new start:  If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our heart we WILL be saved.  Then as Christians, The Word tells us that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins AND CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.  That means every day, any time, we can start with a fresh, new clean slate.  It doesnt get any better than that?  We choose.


Unforgiveness, pride, defeat, depression, anxiety, fear, mental torment and any other negative destruction we carry, will go when God is in charge of our life!  It is possible to continually walk with a clean slate.  What a blessing!  Please think on this.


Here is the other side of the coinand a truth that we must get a hold of.  There is an enemy, his name is satan, who hates mankind and is constantly trying to deceive by speaking into the mind to cause us to doubt and be in fear.  He is defeated.  The blood of Jesus defeated him at Calvary.  Dont listen to his lies!  Please guard what you see, hear and speak.


Wipe that slate clean now and be set free!  You will be glad you did.


With love,





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