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One year has passed and a new year is beginning.  What a great opportunity to decide to make this New Year different and more profitable for successful living.


Often we hear the phrase, “I’m too busy.”  Interestingly enough, we are not too busy to be on our TV, cell phones, computers, etc. for entertainment.  I am thankful for all electronic devices that make our life useful and productive.  However, have they become addictive?  They can keep us “busy and entertained,” but are we truly satisfied with life as a result?


Don’t turn me off, keep reading. 


The lessons and encouragement from Scripture is greater and more fruitful than anything that sails through cyber space because it comes from the mind of God.


I recently heard a great sermon from Psalm 1 and it inspired me to pen these words.

The way of blessing: Delight yourself in the Lord and His Word.  Do it day and night.  That, my friend, will take discipline and obedience, but the peace that comes from the seeking of a relationship with Jesus cannot be measured from any “earthly” source. 


I was raised in a country of tall, stately evergreen trees.  Come wind, snow, or rain, they never fell.  The tree roots are so deep into the soil that these evergreen trees never lose their leaves. What a beautiful picture, from this Psalm, of a steadfast Christian who is sure to prosper.


The godly person of Psalm 1 will be filled with love, joy and peace which produces a thankful heart.  


The Psalmist declares a negative side. The ungodly person is one who does not seek after the Lord and His Word.  We might say this person lives a busy life of their own choosing.  The judgment to one who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus is as sure as death and taxes. I do not want anyone to experience this.


Never forget, we are what we see with our eyes, listen with our ears and say with our mouth.  We must be on guard.  Our words and thoughts, unchecked, go deep into our heart and become who we are. The enemy is the prince of the power of the air and he will bring deception and that leads to discouragement, defeat, depression and destruction. He uses the eyes, ears and mouth by intimidation. Make no mistake about it.  I do not want anyone to go in this direction.


Good news: We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  (Revelation 12:11)


God’s love for us is unconditional and amazing.  No matter what we have done with our life in the past, there is always the opportunity to change.  Repentance is a great gift of God which simply means “turn and go another direction.”


The Word tells us to “keep ourselves in the love of God.” Jude 1:21. It takes courage and faith to be different. Turn your seeking to the Lord and find out what great things are in store for you in this new year if you are willing to do it God’s way.


With blessings,