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Our belief system tells us who we are, what we do and where is our future.  I would say the questions below are some of the most critical that a person could ask of themselves:


Do you believe there is an almighty, powerful God who created the magnificent heavens and earth, the majestic mountains, the delicate tiny wild flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables, baby orangutans and all living things therein?

Do you believe that God created man and blew into him the breath of life and man became a living soul?

Do you believe that you are greatly loved, with an everlasting love, by God?

Do you believe that there is a real enemy, named Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy and he is responsible for evil, destruction, deception and corruption?  He is.

Do you believe that all mankind has a sinful nature that keeps him/her separated from God; and that man cannot save himself from his sins?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ so loved the world that He willingly paid the price on Calvary, as a perfect sacrifice, for all our sins; and has given assurance of victory in this present life and heaven to come to all who receive Him? 

Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, living and authoritative Word of God, and every word is true; that God has given it to man to understand who He is; His purposes for mankind; and it is a necessary and powerful directive to guide our life?


The Good News! There is a marvelous spiritual life available to all, today in the here and now, with hope of a personal relationship with God The Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The future is bright, secure and hope for all eternity in Heaven when we trust Jesus, the only One who can save us and set us free. What a privilege to have a personal relationship with The Savior and walk in His love!


How does one obtain this life?


Please consider the questions above honestly. I trust all of your answers are yes.  If not, today is the day to stop, right now.  Consider your life and where you are headed. I urge you to put your trust and belief in Jesus Christ.  Confess your sinfulness and make Him Lord of your Life.  Only through Him can we have love, joy, peace, wisdom, victory and so much more. 


If you know that you have NOT experienced a transformed life with Jesus. It is as simple as:


A - Acknowledge Jesus Christ (He died, was buried and rose again in victory and 

     conquered death, hell and the grave).

C - Confess your sin to Him.

T - Trust Jesus with your heart and life; make Him Lord (He loves you).


It is a life decision that you will never regret.


However, there is Bad News?  You can go through life by your own intellect and abilities, but without Jesus you will face an eternity in Hell when you die.  You can’t take your money, possessions, successes and loved ones with you!  No one likes to hear that.  I don’t like to even type the words.  However, it is true whether one chooses to believe or not. There is a real Heaven and a literal Hell.


We have been given a will and each chooses their course in life. What we are is solely what we want to be.  Make the best choice.



I write these words because of the love in my heart that Jesus put there and the desire to see all come to the knowledge of Truth.


If your answers are yes, you can have the privilege of sharing your belief with someone today.  It could change a life.




PS: You can go to my website:  www.janlowens.com and find Scriptures for this Nugget.  By the way, the website has a new look!

Ephesians 3:20