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What is a warrior? Webster’s dictionary states: A brave person; a soldier. The Greek meaning of the word soldier in 2 Timothy 2:3 is “a champion of the cause of Christ.”

First, lets look at one of our soldiers. A soldier in the U.S. Military makes a decision and commitment to something much higher than himself. He becomes a part of the U.S. military. He must enter into new disciplines, instructions and commands. He is no longer his own. He is part of a force that requires obedience and unity. When preparing for battle, there are more defined instructions and strategies. When it is time to go into battle, he puts on his battle gear, including weapons and ammunition. He goes where he is called to go. He goes into battle with a high sense of honor and sacrifice. He has confidence in his commander and follows his orders.

Are you a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and have you accepted Him as Lord and Savior? My friend, you are very special, dearly loved and set apart by the Heavenly Father. You have been declared “a mighty conqueror,” a part of a “chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar (God’s special possession) people,” one filled with the very person of God Himself, the Holy Spirit. You have been given dominion, authority and power; full of love, joy and peace. What a privilege!

We are destined and designed, created and gifted to be rulers on this earth. We are to be mighty warriors.

Truly, God loves all of mankind and desires all to be saved and to be part of His exclusive army. Sadly, there are those who do not accept Him.

A good soldier knows who he is and has equipped himself for the battles. What are the characteristics of a good soldier of the cross?

First, It is important to understand and recognize how much God loves us when we were accepted as one of His beloved children. When we are assured of His love, within ourselves, then our confidence moves from focusing on our weakness into the knowledge that there is a supernatural power within to face any challenge in life. Why? It is because the Conqueror within us will take us through the battles of life.

The difference between the soldier on this earth and the spiritual soldier is that we do not have to face the battle in our own flesh and mind. The fact is that we will probably lose if we do. Our great Jehovah Nissi will do battle through us. The Holy Spirit is our power. That takes the pressure off of us. What is our battle gear? We are to stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Daily we are to put on the Belt of Truth, Sandals of Peace, Breastplate of Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, Shield of Faith and the Word of God. We are to be a praying people. There is another important coat to wear; the cloak of humility. We are to walk in faith in actions and thoughts, always casting off fear.

Have we become part of a fleshy army that has lost its strength and wisdom because we do not seek the Lover of our Soul? Whether we want to agree or not, we are in a battle. The battle is evil and darkness against the God of Light and Love. The enemy (satan) and his evil cohorts are trying to snuff out Light. The enemy is truly a loser and will never be successful to damage us as long as we are walking in the Light and the Power of the Holy Spirit. The enemy is trying to make evil sound good, and good evil. He is a master of deception.

God in Heaven allows us to come directly to His Throne Room in Heaven. That door is open wide. We can enter with bold access, as His precious children, to bring our petitions and receive answers to our prayer. He tells us all of His promises are “yes and amen.” This is #1 in our warfare strategy.

We are ready for the warfare of life because we have equipped ourselves. Every step is to be guided by the instructions of our Manual, The Word of God. We can have great confidence with full knowledge that we are protected and secured by the blood of Jesus.

Our God is a covenant keeping God who cannot lie. He cannot tempt anyone with sin. Every good and perfect thing comes from Him to us who believe. The end of the Book tells us we win the war on this earth and enter into a great everlasting life that is glorious; truly beyond anything we can possible comprehend on this earth! In Heaven, all battles have ceased. Peace reigns eternally.

There is a stern judgment to come, at the end of the age, to those who will not believe. We must warn the unsaved and give them opportunity to escape the prisons that bind them.

The key to victory: A good warrior will surrender all to the Commander-in-Chief. Our Commander is the Creator of the Universe who is all Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might and Knowledge. He deserves our reverence and praise. Who can be more trustworthy? It is a daily “surrender.” A diligent warrior must never leave his post.

Herein lies the necessary answer. HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE. As Andrew Womack so aptly stated. “Faith is our positive response to what God has already done.” There is mighty power in the Scripture and Jesus harkens over His Word to perform it. Confess and declare Scripture from your mouth. You are on safe and secure ground when you do. Believe you will receive and then you will receive what you believe. (I heard that recently. Great truth. Great statement!)

What is Hope, which is also necessary in our battle of life? It is anticipating, with confidence and thanksgiving, that the promise given will come to pass before it materializes. Why? It is because hope has nothing to do with us “wishing” or “wanting.” No, wishing and wanting (an action that comes from the flesh), is not believing God’s Promises through the eye of faith.

The shouts of praise will bring down the walls of the adversaries!

Here comes a reality check. I just read this statement by Dr. Michael Evans, a mighty warrior and voice in behalf of the Jewish people? “Secular humanists make excuses for evil, worse, deny its existence or coddle it by refusing to confront the evil. Rather, they feed it. Evil is seeing moral issues in shades of gray, not in black and white. The reality of evil is rejected because Mankind

has rejected the gold standard of moral truth, The Holy Bible.” Is this not becoming more of a reality is our great nation as well as in our homes and churches? Are we guilty of not living by the Gold Standard but allowing the self-life to control what we do?

A good soldier will confront his own sin and failures. Thank you Jesus, for the gift of repentance. What is repentance? It is turning around and going in a different direction. Repent, confess and believe that God has already taken care of all our needs on Calvary through Jesus. He can set you free from all that is pulling you down. Give it to Jesus. No one wins a battle without marching in full confidence. Confidence of believing who we are, in Jesus, is our victory song. Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faith and self-control disarms the hostile.

We must actively discard apathy and become warriors of the Faith. We are to be warriors of the power and demonstration of God who loves us. Let our love, compassion and prayers become a powerful beacon of Light, sending out Truth to those in ignorance and need. Battle lines are being drawn. There will be a last war marking the end of the age that we know of today. Ask yourself, which side am I representing?

As Christians, are we a divine representation of Him? Are we a powerful soldier of the Cross?

We each make the choice. You can choose life or death (as the Bible declares). Right answer: Choose life that comes from Jesus.

Thank you for reading. Be blessed,


Ephesians 3:20

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