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I am sitting in front of my computer, contemplating the changes I have seen in my life time.  Some changes are absolutely phenomenal; other changes downright scary.


Since I am a bonafide, gray-headed granny with 15 grandchildren and 2 greats to prove  it, I have my own tales of “I remember when...”).  Yep, my mom received her bottles of milk delivered to the front door, in glass bottles with cream on top.  If I wanted blackberries with that yummy whipped cream, I went across the street and picked a bucket full of berries.  Being careful, of course, to avoid the bumble bees and brambles.  Now we pay an outrageous price for a box of berries that barely fills a cup. There are so many stories, but time does not allow for their tales.


I must admit that I am now caught up in this “tech world.”  I can’t believe it, just the other day, I bought some rhubarb (shades of mom’s garden) and instead of looking up her time-honored recipe, I googled one on the internet!  Worse yet, I went shopping and left my iPhone on the table, almost causing me a panic attack!  So much for the “good old days!”


Only an hour ago, I read an article stating: “As far as literacy goes, technology is probably one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century. Because everyone is so focused on the digital world, the average American home is no longer as print-rich an environment as it was 30 or 40 years ago. This change has had a negative impact on literacy” (Erickson Living Tribune, August 2012). So true!   It goes on to state that many parents are no longer introducing their children to books and the number of parents who read to their children, five years and younger, is rapidly diminishing.


Not only is our digital world changing our reading habits, but our life in general.  Some of it very good, but unfortunately, not all is so good.  I believe too many children are spending too much time in front of TV (watching negativity), computers (perhaps wasting precious time and experiencing temptation), playing digital games or texting on cell phones etc.  I am sure I just made myself popular (not).  The digital world can be addicting.  I know I could carry this thought further (regarding the digital world our children live in today), but I will hasten on.


However, the matter that concerns me most, is the apathy that is becoming increasingly apparent in the Christian community and our nation.  We are living in the greatest nation in the world and in one of the most exciting times.  Now is the not the time to be sliding backward.


What is apathy according to the dictionary? Lack of emotion; lack of interest; listless condition; unconcern; indifference.


The by-word today is “busy.”  We hear it all the time, and we exclaim it ourselves. How often are we so busy in our own schedules, busy in church, busy taking care of our families that we seem to be too busy for God?


Are we true examples to the lost community of the love and kindness of Jesus?  Are we so much like the world, in personal example and our homes (and churches), that there is no difference between us and the guy down the street who never darkens the door of a church? Is this due to a lack of a personal and real relationship with the One Who saved us and loves us?


It is so easy to be busy; yes, even in church ‘service,’ but what God desires, is our heart towards Him first.   If He has our heart, our service will be generated out of our love for the Almighty One, Creator of the Universe for we will allow Him to work through us.


The Lord looks for our praise and thanksgiving. He deserves our worship. Look at what The Lord has done for us?  Every thing!  He kept us from Hell when we accepted Jesus; He promises us an abundant life and told us that He would supply all our needs and Heaven too.  Any one can go to church.  We all can stay busy.  Could it be that our world is in a mess (and much of it is) because of our own apathy towards God?  Are we afraid to say we love Jesus?  In some parts of the word, Christians are martyred for their faith.   We might be running there quicker than we think in America unless we cast all our cares, including self, upon God, allowing Him take control so that He can change the world through us.  When we surrender our little world to God, God will expand us, thus making a difference to those who need love.


I want you to know that I talk to myself first.


As Christians, we can turn apathy around, individually.  How? Go back to the basics.  What basics, you may ask? 


*Daily practicing thanksgiving, praise and worship to our Lord and Savior.


*Daily Loving our Bibles and searching the Scriptures for guidance.  (We will find

 such rich treasure in the most precious book we have in our possession.)


*  Daily focusing on the fact that God loves us with such an unconditional, unfailing

  love, just they way we are!  This will positively change your heart and mind for it

  causes us forget about ourselves.  Speak to yourself what God says you are  

  according to His Word.   It is amazing how our thoughts will change and a joyful heart

  takes place.  We can’t make God loves us more by any action or service and we can’t

  make Him love us less by a sinful life-style.  A personal understanding of God’s great

  love will cause us to want run to toward Him.


*Readily forgive others. Forgive yourself. Stop judging others. 


 *Daily surrender our will to God’s.  You will never, ever, be sorry.  It is the pathway to love, joy and peace.  It is preparing oneself for a heavenly journey.


Will there be heartaches and challenges in life?  You can bank on it as long as we are in this world.  However, we can have victory that overcomes the world through any circumstance.


I know that most of you know the following Scripture.  Let us unite our hearts to make it a mighty proclamation and prayer for the United States of America. This is antidote for apathy,


If my people, which are called by my name, shall 1) humble themselves, and 2) pray, and 3) seek my face, and 4) turn from their wicked ways; (Now comes the mighty promise) then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Good-bye to apathy. Hello to victory in Jesus.