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Imagine!  Our hand span is about 9 inches.  But God measures the entire heavens with the span of His hand.  Who can catch any dust?  God can!  He puts it in a bottle then measures it.  What kind of scales must God have to weigh the mountains and hills?   Yet, He is so gentle he cuddles the precious little lamb in His strong arms.  No one teaches or counsels God.  He IS THE Almighty Creator of ALL living things.  With one Word of His mouth, He brought the universe into being.  Our God is perfect and has ALL knowledge, wisdom and understanding!  HE IS LOVE and sinless.  The LORD OF ALL holds the heavens and earth in perfect balance.  God is the Giver of Light and He answers to no one.  God is strength.  He made man from dust and woman from a bone into His very own image.  God is majestic and sits on a heavenly throne, knowing and comprehending ALL things. His name is Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, the Great Three in One. (Reflect on Isaiah 40:12-13.)


With such a great, unfathomable love and  amazing grace,the  perfect and sinless Jesus willingly paid the price for ALL sin, heartache and need to redeem every man, woman, boy and girl who will listen to His message.  His sacrifice gave an  eternal covenant of promise to us.  It doesnt get better than that!


Do you know JESUS with your whole heart and soul? 


Precious friend, do you linger in frustration and fear, depression and defeat, unforgiveness and hopelessness, sickness and sorrow, addictions and suffering, unnecessary pain and hurt, unbelief and doubt and any other destructive negative oppression of mind, will and emotions?   You can be set free and live in Gods love, joy and peace? You wont find  negative things in Heaven, so why do you want to experience them now?


We are seeing apathy, indifference and spiritual laziness in the church today!  Please do not be among those who want to do it their way?  There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 14:12. 


Many go to a church on Sunday, but give little thought to the Lord and His Word the rest of the week.  There is a difference between head knowledge and understanding of  Gods heart through the powerful Scriptures?  Friends, please know my heart, I am not trying to be judgmental or legalistic, but I want to encourage you and yes, even plead with you, to make sure that  your relationship with Jesus is eternity proofand that you keep His commandment (which is not an option) to love, learn, understand and do all that is written in  your precious Bible. To seek and know Gods Truth is to be an overcomer in life. 


We need to  know our enemy and how to defeat him.  Do not be naive and believe he is not around and influencing your mind and behavior.  That is deception!  The Word declares the enemy, Satan, is like a lion going about seeking who he can destroy (From 1 Peter 5:7-8). If we do not know Scripture to stand upon, we can easily be defeated. What good soldier goes into battle without being trained, prepared, dressed properly and carrying his weapons when going to war?  A good soldier is totally loyal to  his commander. Are we good soldiers of the cross?


Jesus promises are so far above our limited expectations!  Do you truly enjoy life?  Are you happy, happy, happy in Jesus?  Oh yes, life can bring challenges and difficulties, but there is victory through it all.  Believe, Trust, Receive, and Act  (From Romans 12:1-2) upon all King Jesus has for you.


You will never regret every effort to know what it is like to feel The Heavenly Fathers love when you choose life in Christ.   The precious Holy Spirit is here to guide us through the disciplines of holiness and into true worship.  Just lean on Him.


Are you ready if Jesus should come today?  My friend, He will come when we least expect Him.


For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

1 Peter 4:17


With love in my heart for you,