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Since my left arm is in a cast and typing is laborious, I considered omitting this month’s Nuggets of Truth.  However, the title above would not leave my mind.  Particularly since these past weeks have carried challenges for me.  I confess that I went through my own battle against negative thinking.

To walk according to the flesh is the most dangerous place to be.  Why would I say that?  Remember, when we accept Jesus Christ as Savior and become born again, the Holy Spirit comes and indwells in our spirit – now our spirit (inner man) is pure Holy God.  However our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions, did not become automatically saved.   Our flesh (also called soul, carnal man or natural man, terms used interchangeably) is enmity against God.  God declares it. His love for all of us is so mighty and powerful but He has set His principles in place and we determine whether or not to honor them. Honoring the LORD brings blessings.  God is not against us but loves us with an everlasting love.  However, He must stand aside and let our free will reign for that is how He created us. He allows us to choose our destiny.


When we choose to act against God’s spoken and written Word and follow our own will, feelings and thoughts, we begin to put ourselves in a dangerous place.  Webster’s meaning of Dangerous:  Perilous; hazardous; exposing to loss; unsafe; full of risk; as a dangerous voyage; a dangerous experiment.  This is most serious.


When we allow our mind go uncontrolled, negative thoughts become negative memories and negative actions.  Those very thoughts, which are not brought under control by the Holy Spirit, will become toxic thoughts that lead to a toxic mind and body, thereby putting us in stress.    Unresolved negative thoughts of hurt, anger, addiction, unforgiveness, inferiority, trauma, pride, etc., will lead us to unwise words and poor choices.  We start trusting in our own intellect.  Our actions become symptomatic of our mind set. Yes, we do harm to our minds as well as our bodies.  Then, we sit back and wonder why we are discouraged and in a mess.  Too often, The Heavenly Father and Jesus, the Savior, are unjustly blamed.


When we do not choose to live a spirit-filled life that readily seeks forgiveness via repentance, our choices from the flesh can lead us down a path of destruction in one form or another.  It can happen very quickly and it starts subtlety.  It always begins by leaving off the study of the Word of God, not taking in its powerful truths on a daily basis. We can have head knowledge but if we neglect the daily walk of praise, thanksgiving, worship and surrender, our self becomes dominant. Our church life can become one of rote and religion seeking to appear righteous but denying the power within. Perhaps we drop out of fellowship.  We begin to think:  ”God does not care, He does not love me, He does not understand me, etc.” none of which is true.  The minds starts to tell us all the wrong things.  We will suffer needlessly.


In this self-state, we become fodder for the enemy who will influence our thoughts and decisions.  We are in grave danger of deception.   It is in those times, we will say and do things that we come to regret. We can live an entire life in this deception, wondering why peace eludes us.  Believe me, the evil one will take advantage of negativity quickly and swiftly. He stands in the wings of life laughing that his devious scheme to make a Christian miserable and lose the blessings of life because of disobedience worked.  Sickness can come along with the effect of wrong choices that not only affects the individual, but others around them – perhaps for a life-time.


Attitudes are formed by toxic thoughts as well as by non-toxic thoughts.  We cannot hide our attitudes. Our attitudes reflect our thinking.


Great, good News!  The answer to all of life’s hurts, challenges, difficult circumstances, dysfunction, calamities, loss, grief and heartaches is simple, yet absolutely profound and all truth:  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the knowledge of His powerful Word on a daily basis, with obedience.  Thanksgiving, praise and worship is absolutely essential. (If this is missing – it is an indicator of a heart problem.)  In this right act of our will, we find the answers to the problems of life and receive rest in our soul.


I have experienced the negative places and felt the impact upon my mind and mouth.  What do I do?  I get back up and return to the secret place of the arms of Jesus. Thank you, thank you Lord!  I am determined to put Jesus first, allowing His love and growth in His Word.  When I have failed, Jesus always picked me up.  When I have confessed my sin, He readily forgives me.  When I trust in Him and surrender, the blessings and peace comes that are so far beyond anything this world or the self-life can produce; there is no comparison.  The peace of God cannot be counterfeited.  Only the Lord through His precious Holy Spirit can give it. By the way, without the infilling baptism of the Holy Spirit, we are totally unable and ill-equipped to walk victoriously.  Jesus is the healing Savior of the mind, will, emotions as well as the body.  He is the greatest Problem Solver we could ever have. 


Remember, it is not just the “here and now,” but all eternity will be judged by the path we walk today.  There is always someone watching.


So many people are hurting:  perhaps someone who is reading this.  My sincere desire is to offer you hope. Let your faith lead you to trust in the Living God who created you for peace and success. GOD’S WORD WORKS.  Jesus will guide you and direct you to all the needed resources.  I’ve personally proved it to be so.


I would encourage you to search the Scriptures. I have given many Scriptures in my monthly teachings (see the archives on my website: and an entire chapter in my book (“Whose Business Are You Minding"), Never Give Up.  Also, I give references below*.  If I can be of help, please write me at


If you are not a Christian, then your most dangerous place to be:  an eternity separated from God in a place called Hell.  God does not want you to go there.  The answer for your need: repent of your sins and invite Jesus Christ into your heart and life, allowing him to be your Lord and your very best friend. He died for your sins and  arose from the grave for your victory.  He will forgive you, cleanse you and make you whole with the hope of a glorious future.  Do not hesitate, please make that decision now.  I will gladly send you material if you write and let me know of your decision.


May Jesus Christ richly bless you.  He loves you with an everlasting love.




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