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That’s me! Two weeks ago I was in the grocery store when the cart and I had a tangle and both of us went down.  Result:  Fractured hip. The next day I had hip replacement surgery (Feb. 17th) and Sunday (Feb. 20th),  I was transferred to a rehab facility.  I came home Saturday Feb. 27th.

Since I regularly send out Nuggets of Truth, I thought you might be interested in hearing how I responded to this mishap.  This message is from my heart to yours with the intention to share how I have dealt with the calamities that have come against me as well as give testimony of answered prayer.

The grocery cart incident:   I am learning the power of a right mindset.  According to the Word, we are what we think and say and life and death is in the power of the power of the tongue. As I was placed in the ambulance, I was determined to have a sense of humor and believed that I would come out of this totally renewed.  I have said it over again and it can be verified by family and friends:  “I am coming out of this and will not suffer pain and loss.”  Every fiber of my being believes that Jesus and His Word is the Healer.  What He promises He will do.  I must believe and line up in obedience.  We have the right and privilege, as His child, to claim the promises. 

When I started meditating on Scripture passages such as this: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” Numbers 23:19; it built such a faith in me to know that I know that-I-know that God stands firmly behind His Word.  My Jesus died for me! Jesus changed me!  Jesus set me free!  Jesus can heal me because He said He would!  Jan, who was nothing and no one became something and someone in Jesus.  My friend, does that impress you as it does me? You are someone special, too, if you are a Christian.

There are powerful Scriptures declaring healing victory! I have memorized them and I speak them aloud. (If you need them, write me!)  I believe and receive them and trust my body to them.  I have had enough instant healing and progressive healing that has come from the supernatural Word to know I can trust them.  Again, there are always mysteries that no man can solve. I certainly do not have all the answers.   However, generally, somewhere and somehow the lack most often comes from within us: perhaps from unforgiveness, doubt, disobedience etc.  I have been there and done that! I understand the weakness of the flesh.  But I will shout from the mountain top that the Word of God is powerful and trustworthy! 

While coming out of surgery – all drugged up, I stand on the 5th on anything I might say in my “loopy” drug-induced condition. All I know is that my children laugh a lot in telling the story, so I will leave that one alone!

Let me just share with you, precious friends, a testimony. 

Upon leaving rehab, the nurses told me I am doing great and the progress amazing. I was already down to one or none pain meds.   I came home on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, I was in and out of the car, walked up a ramp at a restaurant and walked around Lowe’s as I had to purchase a special shower head.  Of course I did this with the assistance of  “Mom’s Limo” -  my trusty walker. By the way, I said to it (the walker), “You’re neat and most helpful, but I will not get used to you. “ Monday, February 28th:  I was in the surgeon’s office.  The staples came out (all 24) and the doctor told me that “I was way ahead of the game.” 

When the home care physical therapist came, he asked the standard question we hear constantly in the hospital: “On a scale of 1 – 10 where is your pain level?”   I told him that I have no pain.  His answer:  “I have worked with over 3100 hip surgery patients and you are the first that has told me no pain!”  He kept saying, “This is amazing.”  He said that I would be on a cane soon.  I said, “If that was the case, please mine complete with diamonds and jewels!”  When I tell people that I have no pain, I hear the same thing.   “It is amazing.”  Is Jesus good or what??   Of course, you must realize that the therapist’s goal in life to help me experience a few discomforts with his therapy!!!!  My goal: work to keep mobile

I have previously shared the testimony of the Lord leading me to make a new piano CD.  I started the recording in June 2010,  only to sustain a compound fracture and crushed bones of the left wrist on July 15th.  Not exactly a good scenario for a pianist.  I was in casts and brace for almost 3 months.  I believed in the healing of my wrist and spoke it out.   On December 6, my 75th birthday, will full mobility of the wrist, I completed that project. All praise for that entire project goes to the Lord!

Insert:  As a love gift to you, if you will send me your mailing address , I will send you a copy of my latest CD, Melodies of Praise.

Often, I call upon the name of Jesus because He is my strong tower and ever present help in time of need. According to Scripture, worship is not supposed to be an option and I want to give thanks and praise to my Lord for He is very deserving. It is wonderful to experience the presence of God.  For too many years of my Christian experience this was not a practice and since I learned of its critical importance, it was been a life-changing experience. A thankful heart will help heal the body.

On March 4th, I started using the cane and went up and down stairs unassisted. This was only 6 days after coming home from the hospital!

I do not believe in being fool-hardy; Therefore, I will follow the advice of  rehab. personnel and will not do anything in the way of reaching, bending, stretching, that would pull out that replacement. I would not care for potential pain if I dislocated the implant!! I am continuing to work on taking ownership for my own health and energy. I am learning to slow down and to be cautious of my surroundings. I know the importance of rest.   I am believing that before the next Nuggets of Truth I will be walking unassisted and driving my car.

This has nothing to do with Jan Owens, but everything to do with giving God the glory and thanking and praising Him for being such a marvelous healing Savior. Jesus is my everything and I love Him with all my being.  I am not ashamed to declare it.  His Word works!

Friends, trust Jesus and believe in His Word.  He will never let you down.

If I have encouraged you, please write me.  Thank you to those who have prayed for me.   You are wonderful and I appreciate every prayer in my behalf.

Changes will be coming on my website and monthly teaching.  Look for them.

With Love,