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What a mighty God!  Who, but God, can put all the waterways of the earth in the hallow of His hand (see Isaiah 40:12).  Who, but God, speaks and things comes into existence.    Who, but God, created beauty and splendor on the earth and in the heavens to declare His majesty.  God is Hope for every man.  He is continually demonstrating His grace and mercy.

When you are a child of God (one who has been born-again, redeemed and made righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ) and the Truth of this Word gets down into your heart, it will revolutionize and change your Christian life!  It is the Truth that will truly set you free.

God has already given to every Christian “the same measure of faith” from the same “heavenly ladle;” so all His children have the same potential to exercise faith when needed! (Romans 12:3; Ephesians 4:1-7)   In fact, God gave us “faith” to become Christians.  We could not work it out by our own human reasoning.

GREAT NEWS! The Lord has given us ALL things that pertain to “life and godliness” (See 2 Peter 1:3-9).   All, my friends, means ALL!   All That we could ever need or conceive, if it is of God, we can have it!  (Romans 8:11).  I sometimes think that we do not fully comprehend the potential and blessings already waiting for us to appropriate. All Christians have been given the same Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, to help us.  What a blessing!

Ask the Lord for revelation knowledge of His Truth and then study the Scriptures from this new insight. 

The great enemy of mankind wants to deceive and destroy every person on the face of the earth.  HE HAS BEEN DEFEATED by Jesus!   However, if we do not know the battle plan, how are we going to defeat the enemy?  The Bible gives instructions for winning the war of the daily challenges of life.

Our problem is not that we do not have enough faith.  Too often, the problem is that DOUBT AND UNBELIEF robs us from receiving!  It is the reason we struggle.

Our Abba Father desires that we know Him in a personal and intimate way. He longs to commune with us.  Jesus already paid the price. The Holy Spirit is available to teach and comfort. The Trinity is concerned about our welfare.   YES, WE ALREADY HAVE ALL WE EVER NEED. 

Keys to obtain the “ALL”Trust  which means believe, reliance upon, comfort, and hope.  See through spiritual eyes of faith, and then take action.

Precious one, if you don’t have Jesus in your heart and this word makes no sense to you, stop right now and confess Him as Lord and Savior.  When you repent of your sins, He will wipe them all away and make you “white as snow.” Call upon Him and make Him Lord.  He died, was buried and rose again for your redemption. Trust Him today.

I want you blessed,