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The Bible is an amazing and wonderful living book.  The author is Creator God. 

I want to share wonderful principles and truths from the Garden of Eden. 

God made man and breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul.  God gave man a help mate and placed them in a wonderful garden of paradise.  Eden was a place where they had absolutely everything they would ever desire plus the blessing of walking and talking with their Creator and Lord.

God told Adam he was to tend, cultivate, and guard the garden.  Since there were no weeds, Adam was doing a labor of love.  Probably Adam was taking the seeds from the trees, fruits, and vegetables to cultivate and produce more in the garden.  We are not told, but I’m sure God gave Adam instructions for the care of the garden.

Principle: God ordains positive work.  When we do it His way, it will produce success.

The Lord gave Adam the responsibility of naming all He created.  That must have taken some time!  Principle: God gives each person special assignments with the abilities and creativity to do them. It is our responsibility to tend to what we have been given in order to cultivate our wonderful garden of life. We guard it by first guarding our mind to know the Truth. 

Then the evil one, who wants to kill, steal and destroy, came to Eve.  He always speaks lies.  Often he will throw in a little truth, but perverts it.  The enemy made the fruit attractive to Eve’s eyes, then whispered in her ear, and finally appealed to her pride.  Eve knew the Truth, but disobeyed.  Adam did not obey either.  Their sin would not only affect them, but a world to come.  Principle: Sin always comes with a price tag, higher than anyone wants to pay and will not only influence a person for wrong doing, but always affects others. God’s Word is very clear that the soul who sins, dies.

But God, because of His love and grace, covered their sin by providing a way of redemption.  Principle: God’s grace always provides a way out from the mess we make, if we confess our sins, believe, trust and receive His promises. 

As surely as God has walked and talked with His first creation, He longs to do so with us.  It is in His heart.   He wants to lavish things upon us so our garden of life is a wonderful experience.  Principle: God still speaks to us today, often in a still small voice. We must listen. He gives us His Word and tells us we are to meditate in it day and night.  Why?  Because there we learn wisdom, knowledge and understanding from its living Truth. 

God has already given ALL things for life and godliness through Jesus who shed His precious blood on Calvary for our redemption. Principle: We must know Jesus to enter into this daily garden of life.  Principle: The seeds of success, whether it is spiritual or physical, will produce a testimony, that will not only change us, but will have a positive influence on all whom we meet.

What are you planting in your garden of life? Is your life purposeful and productive in your garden or is it producing too many weeds?

My friends there is only one way to keep our mind and heart under positive control and have a peaceful and loving garden of life and that is 1) Through a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  2) Continually, every day, put the living-giving Scripture into our minds.  3) Develop an attitude of gratitude and offer praise to the Lord generously. The result: The Holy Spirit, using the Word in us, will build our faith, grow us in Truth and give us  weapons against the enemy of our soul.

I encourage you to cultivate your garden today and be blessed.