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Merry Christmas!

Christmas means time with family, giving of gifts, and watching the eyes of little children sparkle as they anticipate what they will receive from under the tree. We enjoy a wonderful season of fellowship and special programs. Christmas Eve candlelight services are a time of remembrance and beautiful Christmas carols. Christmas cards and greetings are sent to special friends.  It is meant to be a time of joy. 

I love the traditions of this season; particularly the music and the lights.  I am excited about being with family.  This year, I will be celebrating Christmas with my family in three states!

It is the season of “Merry Christmas,” “ Feliz Navidad,” “ Joyeux Noel,”  “Kala Christouyenna,” plus many more languages declaring the same greeting.
There are those who want to be politically correct and call it “Happy Holidays.”  However, we know it is not just another holiday, but a most special observance of the greatest day in history; the birthday of a King! 

During this time of year, there will be the lonely people, orphans, and homeless who need to know love and compassion. Some are experiencing tragedy and grief.  There is a sense of hopelessness within them rather than joy.  There will be those who, sadly, go into debt to give presents beyond their means and carry a burden of paying for them all year through. Many are experiencing busyness and stress, and never stop to recognize The Reason for the Season.
When the holiday foods are consumed, presents are opened and the music stops, is the heart found empty and lacking in peace? Will depression set in? Even before Christmas, are you feeling frazzled, tired and empty?  My friend, read on.

God declared, “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men,” when He entered the world as a babe and was placed in a lowly manger.  What is peace? The dictionary defines peace as quietness of mind; tranquility; calmness; harmony; freedom from disturbance or agitation of internal commotion; unity; good will; love; heavenly rest; harmony; comfort; and stillness.

Where does the magnitude of this kind of peace originate?

What an amazing reality that the mighty Creator of the Universe, God Incarnate, His Majesty Jesus Christ, would humble Himself and come to earth in the form of a baby, grow up as a man in human flesh, yet all deity.   Jesus Christ was tempted as all mankind are tempted, yet He was without sin.  Therefore, Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for sin.  His horrible endurance on the cross, plus His death, burial and resurrection from the dead, brought grace and mercy to everyone who would accept Him as Lord and Savior by faith.   Jesus gave us the ultimate gift; our messed up, sinful life for His eternal life and the knowledge of His Presence right now, on earth as it is in Heaven.  He is the only way to have peace on earth.  He gives a peace and joy within that money cannot buy. What a magnificent present of love to us all.

We make Christmas all about us and it isn’t even our party.
One day soon, Jesus Christ will be coming on a magnificent white horse, in all His glory and power. He will show Himself to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in person and real time. Christ will be the final judge of all mankind by the Word of His power.   He has prepared for His children, the most magnificent heavenly home that is far beyond our mere imagination. 

My friend, have you received the gift of Christmas by accepting Christ as Savior, receiving forgiveness of sins (past, present and future)?  It comes with peace and a personal knowledge of God.

What a gift to know God in a real and personal way; to hear His voice and have a tangible Word to follow; plus having His Spirit living within us.  There is not any religion of this world that can come close to giving such an experience.

There is no greater gift that can be received than the one that comes from the outstretched arms of Jesus.  He is alive.  This gift is free to us, but cost Him everything. With His gift comes the faithfulness of God to exchange all of our worries and cares for His peace.  We do not have to struggle with anxiety, hopelessness, and lack of anything.  All good things are provided for us for we are promised that He will supply all our needs.  It is a gift of great good news with the best warranty ever!

Stop right now and give a hearty praise and thank you to the Lord.  (Good practice for every day.)
C - Jesus Christ is the mighty Conqueror
H - Jesus Christ is Holy and gives us Heaven
R - Jesus Christ is a righteous Savior
I -   Jesus Christ is our Intercessor
S - Jesus Christ is our Security
T - Jesus Christ is all Truth
M - Jesus Christ is More than enough
A - Jesus Christ is Always with us
S - Jesus Christ Seeks out sinful man

Please make sure, my friend, that this Christmas, you have received The Gift of all gifts: salvation.  This is a gift you will never return.

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 1:2

I send you greetings and love, with great appreciation, for reading this Nugget of Truth.

Ephesians 3:20